Natpro International is a leading import and export company established in Sri Lanka. We offer a wide range of products to meet our Customers' requirements. At Natpro International, we take pride in supplying quality products and value our suppliers and customers' relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity.

Our team is a perfect blend of experienced professionals with decades of experience from technical, commercial & financial backgrounds. Our Company's vision is backed by professional competence, hard work, and unrelenting efforts, which have led to our sustainable growth.

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Our Product Range

Through our full range of products, we are ideally placed to become your trusted supplier

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Rooty and Tuberous Vegetables | Fruity Vegetables | Leafy Vegetables | Bulb and Stem Vegetables | Gourds Vegetables | Chilies Vegetables | Read More

Agriculture & Landscaping Supplies

Agriculture & Landscaping Supplies

Natural Seeds and Plants | Compost and Animal Manure | Coir Products | Read More

Linen & Clothing

Linen & Clothing

Staff Uniform and Workware | Bedding and Linen | Read More

Sri Lanka Handicrafts

Sri Lanka Handicrafts

Wooden, Cane & Rattan products | Clay & Pottery ware | Brass & Silverware | Batik | Leather Products | Shield, Trophies & Awards | Read More

Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items

Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items

Workwears & Apparels | Corporate Gifts | Other Promotional items | Read More

Tools, Equipment & Spare parts

Tools, Equipment & Spare parts

Machinery and Vehicle Spare Parts | Engine Oil, Lubricant & Cleaning Products | Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) | Power Tools | Hand Tools | Read More

Food Packing Materials

Food Packing Materials

Paper packing | Plastic packing | Aluminum/Areca/Styrofoam packing | Read More

Miscellaneous & Specialty Supplies

Miscellaneous & Specialty Supplies

Grass | Dustbins | Indoor & outdoor lights | Customised products | Ayurvedic Herbal products | Blinds | Read More

Popular Products

Lamp Shade

Garden Grass

Bed sheets


Coco Pots

Wall Hangers

Wooden Venetian blinds

Monsoon blinds

Fruit Seeds

Vegetable Seeds



Reliable and consistent quality

Our clients are most important to us, so we go an extra mile to see that everything is just right for the quality of the products we supply and to know every customer is 100% satisfied. We create a reliable product supply by understanding our customers’ needs and our suppliers’ capabilities.

Price benefits

Our ultimate goal is to provide every client with the best product at the best prices. All our products are offered at the most competitive prices. We value personal relationships with our suppliers and clients, which has allowed us to negotiate mutually beneficial best prices while providing the best products.


Flexibility is our strength, We can easily adapt to your requirements and fulfil orders of every size from bulk to smaller orders.

Experience and professionalism

Our team consists of expert professionals having years of experience in different fields. This has helped us to understand each customers' requirements easily to provide them with the best product.

Save Time

Researching products and understanding the market can be an expensive and time-consuming task. You may find all your requirements under one roof with us. Our response to your needs is instantaneous to provide you with a dedicated product sourcing experience without any hassle.

An extensive range

We specialize in the sourcing and supply of an extensive portfolio of products. Being based in Sri Lanka, one of the region’s most vibrant export hubs, we are well competent in supplying any agriculture, FMCG, Clothing, and other products made in Sri Lanka. By sourcing from Sri Lanka, the rest of the world has the opportunity to benefit from the country’s collective competitive advantage.


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