Miscellaneous & Specialty Supplies

Malaysian carpet grass

Australian carpet grass

Mini dustbins (Plastic)


Ceiling mounted fixture

Wall-mounted fixture

Track light

Floor lamp

Table lamp

Ceiling pendants


Flood Lights


Step Lights

Garden Lights

Bollard Lights

String Lights

Flush-Mounted Underwater Lights

Surface-Mounted Underwater Lights

Floating Lights

Magnetic Lights

Fiber Optic Lights

Wood toothpicks with printed paper cover

Bamboo toothpick with printed paper cover

Branded Sugar sachet

Herbal tea

Ayurvedic Essential Oil

Ayurvedic Fragrance Oils

All kind of Ayurvedic oils and balms spa massages

Bamboo blinds – Indoor/outdoor

Ekle blindsr

Chinees bamboo blinds

Cane blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds

Synthetic blinds - Indoor/outdoor

Zebra blinds

Roman blinds

Roller blinds

Monsoon blinds